My name is Sayco, I am a self taught artist from Brooklyn NY, now based in Miami. My latest collection is currently exhibited in a gallery in downtown Miami as well as Design District.
What started as an interest in drawing cartoon characters quickly grew into an obsession with painting canvas on large scale. I learned through experimentation, as well as studying documentaries on my influences. Artists like Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. I’ve developed my own blend of techniques and artistic vision to create works that play with the contrast of clean lines & raw, edgy splashes of vibrant colors. In doing so telling my story. My works are a visual aid on how I see the world around me. My interpretation on the mindset of humanity & where it needs shifting. I intend to bring light, to the strength, of what we as a society believe in. The choices we are given. The ideals that are forced upon us & the decisions we make in response.

I’ve exhibited my works in Art Basel 2018, as well as the American Black Film Festival 2019. I also work with charities in which I donate artworks to regularly. I paint limited edition collectors items outside of canvas that include sneakers, backpacks, leather purses, Motorcycle helmets, etc. I thrive on providing unlimited possibilities in a limited quantity. I hope you enjoy my vision. Thank you for being here.